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The Pastoral Care Staff is here to help you through a wide range of needs; from just having someone to talk to, to providing Pastoral Counseling, from helping you find peace of mind about your health, to arranging for baptisms and other sacramental needs. You can reach us by visiting our offices on the 2nd deck or calling 081-811-6451 or DSN 629-6451

Please let us further introduce ourselves

Our Chaplain works with individuals and families during times when they need someone to talk to… someone who has faith…someone who is objective… someone who is part of your healthcare team. He invites you to talk with him about changes going on in your life.

Our Storks Nest Director works with the Stork Nest patients. She helps them to adjust while away from their home. She also meets with the patients that are admitted to the Multi-Service Unit to assess their spiritual needs. Her number is DSN 629-6326 or 081-811-6326.

Our Religious Program Specialists also assist the Multi-Service Unit patients with their needs and concerns. They also conduct spiritual screenings for pre-surgery patients and inpatients. They are also the administrative specialists for the Pastoral Care Department


Walk-in appointments are generally available in the Pastoral Care Office on the second deck or by calling the number above.

Roman Catholic Mass is held on Wednesdays at 1130 on the 2nd deck in the Chapel, room 3093.

Communion, baptisms and other sacraments and ordinances: Please let us know your needs in this area and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Other Religious Services and Resources:

Naples is fortunate to have a large group of Chaplains from many faith groups. If you need assistance from a Chaplain of a specific faith group, please call our Pastoral Care Office at 629-6451 or 081-811-6451 for more information.

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