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Industrial Hygiene (IH)

Description of Services

Industrial Hygiene is the art and science devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental stresses arising in the workplace. These stresses may be of chemical, physical, ergonomic, or biological origin. Industrial Hygiene includes protecting the health of employees, as well as the health of those in the community, by sampling and monitoring for exposure to hazardous substances or activities arising in or from the workplace. Analytical methods and risk assessment procedures are used to detect the extent of exposure. The goal of Industrial Hygiene is to find alternative methods to reduce or eliminate these health hazards.

Industrial Hygiene is used when:

  • Health hazard issues arise
  • Regulatory changes are proclaimed
  • New projects and processes are being engineered
  • New materials and equipment are introduced in the workplace

Industrial Hygiene does a lot of field work so we may not be in the office. Please call us to see if we are in the office before you visit.


Please call for appointments. Walk-ins are welcomed.

What does USNH IH do?

We provide a complete range of IH Technical services including:
  • Baseline and annual industrial hygiene surveys
  • Noise Testing
  • Air Sampling/Personnel Monitoring
  • Training
  • Program development such as Hearing Conservation, Ergonomics, Respiratory
  • Protection, Hazard Communication and Monitoring Protocols
  • Emergency response to exposure events
Our Goal
  • Optimize existing NAVOSH programs supporting over 75 commands
  • Hazard reduction
  • Integrated Risk Assessment and Medical Surveillance
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Refer to European/Italian and American systems of regulations
  • Bilingual reports
  • Hazard prioritization
  • List of hazards
  • Hazard abatement
  • Signed and certified risk assessment

The Industrial Hygiene Laboratory performs asbestos bulk surveys, asbestos air sampling and asbestos investigation and participates to The Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Program designed to assist a laboratory improve its performance by providing samples on a quarterly basis, evaluating the results, and providing a report on how well the laboratory performed. The Industrial Hygiene Laboratory is accredited through the American Industrial Hygienists Association (AIHA).

The criteria for accreditation are:
  • Personnel Qualifications
  • Participation in PAT Rounds
  • Quality Control and Equipment
  • Laboratory Records
  • Written SOP for each type of respirator
  • Training on biological and chemical hazards


Contact Us

US Naval Hospital, Naples, 1st Floor
Clinic Hours:
Telephone number:
Comm: 081-568-5961/5990
DSN: 626-5961/5990
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