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Description of Services

Provides a wide range of audiological services (comprehensive audiometric assessment, newborn screening, hearing aid services for active duty, CHAMPUS, RACHAP, pediatric evaluations, auditory brainstem testing, central auditory processing, and command hearing conservation program (HCP) assist visits) for all eligible beneficiaries within the U.S. Naval Hospital, Naples area of responsibility. Our primary mission is to promote, assess, and counsel auditory fitness and health in our patient population. This is accomplished through training, audiometric monitoring, hearing protection fitting, certification of audiometric technicians, onsite assist visits, and professional diagnostic audiology assessment.


Routine and active duty referrals should be entered in CHCS. Patients can schedule their own appointments by calling the Central Appointments Desk at 081-811-6000 or DSN: 629-6000. Central Appointments is open Monday through Friday from 07:30 to 16:00 except Federal Holidays. Priority or urgent referrals may be scheduled by calling 081-811-6288 or 629-6288. Directorate of Public Health front desk phone number: 629-6457

 Availability of Services

Open to all active duty, family members, retirees, and all personnel enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program. The clinic is open Monday through Friday, 0730-1600. Hearing Conservation Program screenings can be done on a walk-in basis. Please call the USNH Naples Public Health Front Desk at DSN 629-6457 or COMM 081-811-6457

The Audiology Division is in the Directorate of Public Health

Navy Audiology Vision

To be recognized for excellence in maximizing operational/mission readiness, military conflict survivability, mission performance and quality of life through the prevention and disposition of hearing loss.


We value Honor: Conducting ourselves in the highest ethical manner; being honest and truthful; making appropriate and honest recommendations and accepting them from our customers; taking full responsibility for our actions; having and projecting pride and professionalism.


Knowing and appreciating the demands of our profession; making decisions in the best interest of the Navy; assuring the resources entrusted to us are used in an honest, careful, and efficient way. Doing what is right even in the face of personal or professional adversity.


Demanding respect up and down the chain of command. Caring for the safety and personal well being of each other and our customers; treating each other with human dignity; exhibiting the highest degree of moral character, technical competence, professional expertise, and quality patient care.

Navy Audiology Goals and Objectives

Assist and consult with shore-based and operational activities in the implementation of command Hearing Conservation Programs. Provide assessment, consultation and recommendations upon request and incorporate the following goals into our business strategy:

  • Assess the effectiveness of a command's Hearing Conservation Program through analysis of DOEHRS-HC STS+ (data-based decision making).
  • Document permanent STS+ and record on OSHA 300 log. Disseminate findings to pertinent customers and/or stakeholders.
  • Provide audiometric technician training courses to insure that support personnel receive the highest quality education possible (Technician Training).
  • Reinforce patient/customer education opportunities to increase awareness of hearing loss, effects of hearing loss on service retention and quality of life, and remediation options (education).
  • Provide standardized, quality clinical care using state of the art diagnostic procedures and instrumentation (diagnostics/re-habilitation).
  • Liaison and collaborate with fellow sister services and other federal activities to promote information sharing, resource sharing, and research opportunities (research).
  • Always assessing the way we do business in order to provide the best possible product to our customers (business re-engineering).

Contact Us


Public Health Front Desk, 1st Floor

Clinic Hours & for audiogram Screening Exam:
07:30-12:00, 13:00-16:00, closed Tuesday after 12:00
Telephone number:
Commercial phone:081-811-6457/6765
DSN: 629-6457/6765
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