Health Services


Description of Services

Provides preventive, general dentistry and selected dental specialty services.


Appointments for actual dental procedures are predicated on having a valid, current annual dental examination. If a patient’s dental record is already on file at our clinic, patients should call during normal working hours to schedule a one-stop dental cleaning/examination appointment. Efforts will be made to combine these services whenever possible. If a patient does not already have a dental record kept on file in our clinic, an appointment can be made for a dental examination only by calling during normal clinic working hours.

Availability of Services

Open to active duty personnel and family members of active duty personnel assigned to the Naples, Italy
area.  Retirees and other beneficiary types may be seen on a space available basis for emergencies only.

Emergency Care

If you have an after hours dental emergency, contact the Emergency Department, and they will notify the dental duty section if necessary. Emergency care is available to active duty, retirees, DoD civilians, GS employees, and their family members. Emergency dental care is defined as treatment to relieve acute pain, treatment of infection, or trauma. Patients with a dental problem and not in distress (for example, a chipped tooth without pain) should report to sick call and may be appointed after receiving an exam by the dental provider.

Clinic Policies

For the safety and well-being of your children:

  • Only children receiving dental treatment are permitted in the dental treatment room.
  • Please keep in mind that children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision (by someone other than yourself, if you are the patient) at all times. They are not permitted unsupervised in the waiting room.
  • The Child Development Center (CDC) takes drop-in reservations up to 30 days in advance and also offers CDC approved home care services. Support Site 629-4989/ CAPO 626-5116.
  • Patients age 17 and under need to have parent or guardian present in the clinic during patient care.

Contact Us

US Naval Hospital, Naples, Ground Floor
Hours of Operation:
Mon to Fri: 08:00-16:30 
Sick call hours: 08:00-09:30 M-F
Telephone number:
Commercial: 081-811-6007/08
DSN: 629-6007/08
Patient Care Representative:
Commercial: 081-811-6319
DSN: 629-6319
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